Some Cider Vocabulary And The Best Brands To Try

Some Cider Vocabulary And The Best Brands To Try

Cider is one of the most ancient forms of booze that time can trace. There is a lot to Cider than just an apple. There is a certain vocabulary used in the description of Cider, similar to that of beer or wine.

Here are some words specific to the cider description

Shacksbury Vermonter

Nose: The aroma and the essence of the Cider

Mouthfeel or Body: The viscosity, clarity, carbonation levels of the Cider. It is basically how the drink feels in the mouth.

Finish: The aftertaste or the sensations. It is the taste after the drink has been swallowed.

Acid: Wild yeast is used to ferment the ciders. It lends a sour taste to the Cider.

Funk: It is an umbrella term to express that unusual in the taste of the Cider.  The taster may be left awestruck by the wild flavors due to the unpredictable yeast strains.

Here are some of the suggestions when trying the Ciders. It will help you broaden your taste buds in the chapter of the Cider.

Shacksbury Vermonter

It is made out of juniper berries and apples. These fruits are homegrown in the alpine meadows. It has a refined taste, and the fruits are fermented slowly in a controlled environment.

Cider Scrumpy

Cider Scrumpy

This one is traditionally made using fresh apples. These are first cold-press into a juice and are left undisturbed for several months. Sour beer lovers will definitely love this farmhouse variety of Cider.

Phonograph harvest

East cast apples of America go into making this Cider. It is unfiltered and refreshing in taste.

Abandoned classic

If you are looking for some old-fashioned cider, you have got to give this one a try.  Over 100 varieties of apples go into making this one. The apples are collected from the Hudson Valley and the Catskill Mountains.

Peckhams Feijoa

It is a New Zealand-based brand that is made from a type of guava called feijoa. The tangy flavor offers a refreshing tropical taste.

Son of Man Sagardo

This Cider is a dinner table favorite. The fruits are collected from the Pacific Northwest, and the bottle itself is extraordinary.

Anxo District Dry

Anxo District Dry

The Cider here is fermented in wooden vessels or stainless steel. The specialty of this drink is that it is sugar-free, low-carb, and gluten-free, much to the satisfaction of the health nuts.

Original Sin Northern Spy Unfiltered Cider

It is one of the rarest varieties of Cider made using sweet apples. It has a high alcohol percentage, and the apples are collected from the Northern Spy. If you are looking for a sweeter cider, get your hands on this one.

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