First Cidery And Cider Taproom

Welcome To Bushwhacker Cider

We will be scheduling events & tastings every day. We are pairing an Oregon cider maker with a local restaurant or producer to showcase their wares. So far we have Brooklyn House Restaurant paired with Bull Run Cider on the 26th, 6-9 pm.
Keep an eye on the Event page for dates and times of nightlife party events as we schedule them.

Rogue Rum Barrels

We have a vintage rum selection that has been aged in barrels to give your rum a woody flavor.

Cider Pub

We have cider pubs open for you, where you can choose your favorite by tasting a variety of ciders.

Newberg Scrump

We have a traditional cider for you that will please your taste buds with its flavorful taste.

Dead Guy Whiskey

You can taste a one-of-a-kind handmade drink that combines zesty flavors with the sweetness of vanilla to give you a whole new whiskey pleasure.

Big Bottom Whiskey

Prepare to taste an American whiskey blend that combines a few different whiskeys to create a unique depth of flavor.

Exceptionally Strong Cider

Try some freshly pressed cider that has been matured and turned into liquor, with a range of flavors to suit your palette.

New “Brewery Boys” Ciders

We just got a case of Johnny Appleseed today, the new release from AB, which followed the release of Miller’s Smith & Forge. We also have carried Stella Artois Cidre, and Angry Orchards (Boston Beer Company) for a while now.

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About Us

Bushwhacker Cider is the United States’ first Cider Pub. We opened in September 2010 in the Brooklyn neighborhood of inner SE Portland. In addition to the rotating guest ciders available on tap and by the bottle, we produce our own small batches of cider on location. We carry our house ciders based on availability, plus guest cider taps and bottles. Bottles are
available for consumption in house with no corkage fee, or to go.

Meet Our Team

We have the most incredible team of people who work tirelessly to provide you with the best cider experience imaginable.

Eleanor Davidson

Yolanda Cortese

Brian Brown

Current Ciders-Check For Availability

Ransom Spirits

We have for you the best ciders as we've teamed up with Ransom Spirits to provide you with the highest-quality drink.

Lingonberry Juice

We have ciders crafted with carefully selected lingonberries that will provide you with a balanced flavor of tartness and sweetness.

Strong Ginger Flavour

If you enjoy the sweet peppery taste of ginger, we do have a powerful ginger-flavored cider available for you to try.

Rome Apples Sourced

Try some freshly prepared ciders made from Rome apples, which will give you a taste unlike any other, with a gentle sweetness.

Featuring Inventive House Ciders

Do you enjoy cider? If so, you've come to the right place. Move away from the regular tasting ciders and try something different. Customize your drinks to your liking and try something new. Don't let this opportunity pass you by! Contact us right away to get all of the information you want.

Latest From Our Blog

What Clients Say?

Do you want to know how we're getting along? Listen to what our customers have to say about us.

Alice Gaither

The perfect place to be at to taste different range of liquors.

Alice Gaither

Pamela Eddy

For anyone looking to branch out from the usual taste drinks, Bushwhacker Cider is a must-visit.

Pamela Eddy

Melvin Huseman

I've always enjoyed ciders, but the ones Bushwhacker Cider provided had a distinctly unique taste.

Melvin Huseman