Foods That Pair Perfectly With Cider

Foods That Pair Perfectly With Cider

Cider may be good on its own. But it can be made better it is washed down with different sweet and savory dishes. Cider can be a thirst-quenching drink. But at the same time, it also goes well with various food dishes. Here are some dishes that would fill your belly as the cider quenches your thirst. Thank us later when you try these delicious food combinations.

Apple Pie

Apple pies are a favorite in most parts of the world. Ciders like Lonetree, which use only the B.C. apples in its process of brewing complements the pie. The flaky on the outside and the butteriness on the inside makes the experience palatable. Sweet cinnamon aftertaste is a side effect.

Cinnamon sugar donuts

The nutmeg and cinnamon go well with the cider. Any fried foods go well with this bubbly drink.



Replace your sparkling wine with cider, in your afternoon mimosa, to get less tipsy in the day. It is never too early to drink. Just add a part of cider and have it with delicious pancakes.

Squash soup

Apples and squash are the flavors of winter and autumn. For a comforting nigh-in, have this drink, with the cider. Sit down with your friends and re-live your old memories.

Blue cheese

Blue cheese

To balance out the blue cheese, you can have a slice of apple or pear. Add the blue cheese even to your pasta or risotto for a nutty and tangy aftertaste. Don’t forget to sip on the cider to wash it all down. It is truly a party of flavours.

Turkey dinner

Have the cider even on your big holiday. A perfectly roasted turkey with some cranberry sauce along with a big slice of pumpkin pie is all you need to have a party. Your party will be the talk of the town for some time to come



Another spice that is apple’s favorite is ginger. If the taste is too intense for you, have the cider in lesser quantities while you wash down the gingerbread.

Creamy pasta dishes

Carbonara and alfredo pastas are some of the creamiest pastas ever made. The tartness of the cider will help enrich the deliciousness of the pasta like no other.

In conclusion

Cider is an old-fashioned drink made using apples. The taste is authentic and real. The apples are first crushes and fermented and then filtered. Much like the wine making process, the filtered fresh juice is used to ferment it. It is truly a refreshing drink, that goes on any occasion.

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