Know The Process Of Making Cider

Know The Process Of Making Cider

Everyone might’ve tasted cider at least once in their life. But do you know how ciders are made and how much hard work they require? We, therefore, present you with the information on cider making. Cider making is an art that has been made over centuries. Although current cider brewing may appear to be different, the method is primarily the same. Outlined below are the basic processes for creating cider.

Step 1- Harvest

The first and most crucial step in making cider is to gather apples. Apples are typically harvested in the fall to make the best-tasting cider. The best apples are hand-picked, harvested, and stored.

Step 2- Mill and press


Following that, the apples are washed and carefully inspected. This process keeps the apples away in contact from any bad apples because “a rotten apple spoils the bunch.” The milling procedure turns these apples into pulp. After the pulp has been extracted, pressing is done to separate the juice from the solid peels. The remaining peel is then delivered to an industrial processor, producing renewable power while also reducing waste.

Step 3- Let it cool

After all of the peels have been removed, the juice is placed into a chilling tank. Straining the cider through a filter mesh removes any remaining pieces from the liquid. After that, it’s refrigerated at 33 degrees Fahrenheit to kill any unwanted microbes. The ones that will be fermented will be pasteurized and transferred to mixing tanks. The juice is then sent to filler lines with added potassium sorbate and other preservatives.

Step 4- Fermenting

Apple juice contains naturally microbial fermentation carbohydrates such as sucrose, fructose, and glucose. The yeast consumes these and converts them to alcohol. The level of alcohol by volume (ABV) in this raw cider varies based on the sweetness of the apples.

Step 5- Letting it mature

After the fermenting step is completed, the cider is put into containers to age and develop. Depending on the sort of cider you want to make, this procedure might take anything from several days to weeks or months.

Step 6- Blending with flavors

Blending with flavors

Here is where the artistry of cider brewing begins! The yeast will have turned all of the fermentable carbohydrates to alcohol after fermenting and maturing. Blending enables the creation of a mix by incorporating personal preferences of elements. Cidermakers can play with various styles and tastes throughout this stage of the process.

Step 7- Clean and stabilize

The cider is stabilized before it is packed. The vast bulk of cider seems to be sterile filtered. To prevent additional fermenting of the carbohydrates used during the blending process, bags in box ciders are warmed or dry filtered.

Step 8- Fill and pack

After the cider has undergone the entire process and is ready to be filled, it is purified once more before being poured into the suitable containers. The bottles are placed in cartons, then crates, and kept slightly over freezing temperature until they are dispatched and distributed to the retailers the following day.

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