Orleans Style Vinegar

“This “Ancient Method” or “Orleans Continuous style” vinegar starts with fully fermented organic Alpenfire hard cider. We use apples with names as distinctive as their flavor characteristics. The Vilberie, Dabinette, Yarlington mill, Fox Whelp and Kingston Black (among others) bring their spicy, tannic and bitter flavors to the mix.
This vinegar is produced using methods perfected in Orleans France over 600 years ago by the vinegar, sauce and mustard makers guild. In oak converter barrels the “mother” slowly works the alcohol, with the help of oxygen and acetobacters into acetic acid. While modern commercial vinegars are made in hours using submerged fermentation this surface fermentation takes months and preserves the delicate aroma and flavor nuance lost in modern vinegar production.
This vinegar is made from apples picked, crushed, fermented, aged and bottled on site.”
Alpenfire – Horseradish Vinegar – Washington
Alpenfire – Spring Tonic Vinegar – Washington
Alpenfire – Cabernet Vinegar – Washington
Alpenfire – Mead Vinegar – Washington
Die Hochland Imker – Blueberry Mead Vinegar – Austria
Try out the wonderful Alpenfire Vinegars on our Vinegar tasting tray! Served with olive oil and gluten free bread.