Everything You Need to Know About Cider

Everything You Need to Know About Cider

Cider lovers will tell you that it is wine served in a beer bottle. It is essentially an alcoholic drink made from apples. There is no sugar added to this mix. It tastes sweeter than beer without the bitterness that many do not appreciate. Also, there are no bubbles like in the beer. It is served to the brim, and it won’t fizz up and spill.

About Cider


Some background about Cider

There are many names to Cider. Call it Ice Wine, Apfelwein, Sidra or Cidre. Fresh juice from the juiciest apples is used in its preparation. The picked apples are low in sugars with a high tannin content. You may not be able to eat it raw. The location from where the apple is plucked decides the taste of the Cider. The Cider prepared in France is more fruity and subtle in taste. Ireland and Great Britain-made cider have a richer and intense taste.

Process of preparation of the Cider

Cider making is a simple process. After the apple is picked and ground, the pulp is fermented in the barrels. The apple juices take even up to 3 years to mature before consumption. The percentage of alcohol varies, depending upon the fermentation. It could be between 4% and 8.5%. Some brands in Canada and the USA offer even the 12% version.

History of Cider

Eating apples are a recent phenomenon in the history. They were considered too bitter about being eaten. In some places, the apples have to be cooked into a jam or a sauce, or even a Cider for consumption. Even the pharaohs enjoyed this drink in 1300 BC. The apples were juiced out and fermented into a drink.

Ciders from different countries

Different countries have different methods of preparation of Cider. The Irish and the French bind the fermenting carbon dioxide to it for a bubbly drink. France takes the route of champagne fermentation. In Germany, Cider becomes the silent wine by allowing the carbon dioxide to escape from the alcohol. Even the drinking glass varies. England serves the Cider in a pint glass. France prefers a flat bowl to drink up the Cider from. Even an earthenware cup is used to serve this drink.

Plenty of cider varieties

Pears are also used instead of apples when making the Cider. These are called Perry or Poire.  Berries, lime, passion fruit, or elderflower too are used to prepare. But to enjoy it, one must have an appreciation for a sweet taste as these drinks are rather too sweet for those who enjoy the bitterness.

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