Bushwhacker Cider

House Ciders

Current Ciders-Check for availability

Bushwhacker Cider: Alice – Available on Draft in house & in growler
The Alice is one of our most popular ciders, a single varietal made with Granny Smith apples and named after Cidermaker Jeff Smith’s grandmother Alice. The Alice is created with Oregon grown Granny Smith apples, fermented to dryness and has no added juice, sugar, or flavorings. It is crisp and refreshing, with a tart Granny Smith apple flavor. Available on draft & in growler. ABV 6.7%

Bushwhacker Cider: Rickreall – Available on Draft in house & in growler
Created with apples from Rickreall, OR in the Willamette Valley, this cider is straw colored and slightly hazy in appearance, with a fruit nose and dry finish. The Rickreall sharp apple flavor with a full body. ABV 5.7%

Bushwhacker Cider: Mango - Available on Draft in house & in growler
We started with a dry base cider and added Mangos after fermentation to create a tart but fruity cider with a dry finish. Available on draft & in growler. ABV 5.5%

Bushwhacker Cider: Golden Ginger - Available on Draft in house & in growler
A slightly sweeter cider created with Golden Ginger apples. We added some juice after fermentation to give the cider a fruity flavor and nose. ABV 5.5%

Ciders in Production

Bushwhacker Cider: Forgotten Trail – 12oz Bottles or Draft
Bushwhacker Forgotten Trail is not too sweet, not too dry, with a little fresh juice add back to give it a fruitier nose, and slightly sweeter mouth feel. The appearance is slightly hazy and pale straw in color. ABV 6.7%

Bushwhacker Cider: Akane/Italian Plum
We pressed Akane apples from the Willamette Valley and added fresh Italian Plums to the fermentation.

Bushwhacker Cider: Smoked
This year’s Smoked Cider is made from wild apples picked near Estacada, OR. There has been a large wildfire in the area, we decided it would be appropriate to make our Fall seasonal Smoked apple cider. We smoked the apples over apple wood before pressing to produce a smoky, peaty flavor.

Past or Seasonal Ciders

Bushwhacker Cider: Picnic Basket – Available on Draft in house & in growler
A slightly sweeter offering, the Picnic Basket is created with our Granny Smith single varietal cider back sweetened with juice after fermentation. The Granny Smith base keeps this cider slightly tart with a huge apple nose and flavor. ABV 5.5%

Bushwhacker Cider: Txa Txa Txa – Available on Draft in house & in growler
Our nod to the Ciders of northern Spain, the Txa Txa Txa is a dry, tart cider with hints of grass and a fruit forward taste. This style of cider has similarities to sour beers, with yeasty, grassy flavors. The appearance is hazy and pale straw in color. ABV 5.4%

Bushwhacker Cider: Mentha – Available on Draft in house & in growler
The Mentha is our take on a light and summery Mojito. We started with a base of fresh pressed Granny Smith apples, then added fresh mint & lime zest. Adding a special twist we added a touch of ginger. ABV 5.7%

Bushwhacker Cider Peach Ginger – Available on Draft in house & in growler
Slightly tart and very Peachy, our Peach Ginger Cider was aged in  an oak barrel and infused with ginger. The ginger flavor gives this cider a mild spicy kick. ABV 6.0%

Bushwhacker Cider: Lemongrass Ginger
Back by popular demand, the Lemongrass Ginger is our dry base cider infused with fresh Lemongrass and Ginger. As always, there are no artificial flavorings or sugar added. Lemongrass adds a light, citrusy flavor nicely balanced by the Ginger. A summer favorite. ABV 6.0%

Bushwhacker Cider Alicia
Our ever popular Alice fermented with a Mexican Cerveza Yeast.  This is a cider for summer. Light and refreshing with a slight pale ale characteristic. ABV 5.5%

Bushwhacker Cider Hucklebarrel
The Hucklebarrel is a dry base Cider with whole Huckleberries added after fermentation. We aged the Cider & Huckleberries in a Rogue Rum Barrel which adds a hint of oak characteristic to the Cider. This is a tart, refreshing, rose colored Cider for summer. ABV 5.6%

Bushwhacker Cider: Chipotle Whiskey Barrel Perry
We aged our Perry in a Rogue Chipole Whiskey barrel for 4 months. This Perry is made from 100% Forrell Pears. It is dry and savory, with notes of oak, vanilla, and whiskey. The finish is dry with a little heat from the Chipotle peppers. ABV 5.8%

Bushwhacker Cider: Perry
100% Forelle Pears are used to produce this Perry. Forelles are one of the smallest and oldest varieties of pears in the world. The Perry was hand pressed on premises, and fermented to dryness and aged in Rogue Rum barrels, resulting in a bright slightly sweet pear flavor with a dry, clean finish. This Perry has the characteristic savory notes associated with a true Perry. It is un-filtered and lightly carbonated to remain true to the style, ABV 6.0%.

Bushwhacker Cider: Hail Caesar
This is a single varietal unfiltered cider made with Rome apples sourced from Salem, OR. Fermented with a blend of Cider & French Saison yeast. It is fruit forward and appley with a clean, dry finish, a hazy appearance, and a dark golden color, ABV 5.3%.

Bushwhacker Cider: Smoke-a-Trois
Bushwhacker Cider’s Smoked Cider blended with our Alice, a single varietal Granny Smith cider. The Alice adds tartness to the peaty, smokey qualities of the Smoked Cider. Made with all Oregon fruit, the 2 apple varieties in the Smoked Cider are smoked in small batches on premises before being pressed, ABV 6.4%

Bushwhacker Cider: Red Headed Stranger
Our Ginger infused cider was aged in a Whiskey barrel from Big Bottom Whiskey. This cider is dry with a strong Ginger flavor and Whiskey notes running throughout. You’ll pick up vanilla and oak from the barrel aging, ABV 6.5%.

Bushwhacker Cider: Cellar Smeller
Our Mountain Rose cider aged in 5 gallon Rogue Rum barrels. Because these barrels are small, our cider picks up the rum and oak nuances quickly. This cider is just off dry, and has a strong rummy nose & flavor. The finish is clean with a hint of vanilla. The appearance is clear and straw colored, ABV 6.9%.

Bushwhacker Cider: Your Mother Was a Hamster
Another sweeter summer seasonal favorite, the Hamster is back-sweetened with Elderberry Juice.

Bushwhacker Cider: Nihilist
A sweeter selection from Bushwhacker, this is back-sweetened with Lingonberry Juice. It’s nothing really.

Bushwhacker Cider: Parklife
An exceptionally strong cider, aged in a Big Bottom Bourbon barrel. A dry cider with heavy Bourbon & oak notes. A must try for any bourbon lover, ABV 10.0%.

Bushwhacker Cider: The Gin Barrel One
Fermented in Ransom Spirits or Rogue spent Gin Barrels, The Gin Barrel One has nothing subtle about it. The cider is fermented for about ten days in the barrel, then transferred and aged again in a gin barrel for three months. The cider has no juice add back, sugars, or sulfites added. Perfect for the gin lover, the notes of Juniper & other botanicals come through in the nose, all the way to the finish. Appearance is cloudy, lightly carbonated, ABV 6.2%
At discretion, the cider maker adds a touch of ginger to this batch, and releases in draft form only as Ginnger.

Bushwhacker Cider: Diabolo Pomme
A devilish cider, made from Oregon apples, then aged in a cask that originally held an experimental batch of Rogue Dead Guy Whiskey infused with Chipotle peppers. The base cider is Semi-Dry & fruit forward. The whiskey and oak flavors are prevalent with just a hint of Chipotle. It is lightly carbonated, clear in appearance, and has a light golden color, ABV 6.9%.

Bushwhacker Cider: Newberg Scrump 2013
All apples in the Newberg Scrump are cider varieties, and were hand picked in an orchard near Newberg, OR. Every year the blend of apples varies depending on availability. The cider has no juice, sweeteners, or sulfites added. The nose is phenolic and appley. It has a big burst of fruit and a clean, dry finish. It is lightly carbonated and unfiltered, with a golden straw color that can range between hazy and cloudy in appearance.

Bushwhacker Cider: Settle Down Easy
Our bartenders were invited to produce a 5 gallon batch of their very own. Dillon’s batch incorporates a small amount of caramel smoked over peanut shells. The appearance is slightly hazy and pale straw in color. It is slightly sweet with a clean, dry finish. The caramel flavor is complemented nicely with a touch of smokey nuttiness. It is currently aging and will be released on draft only soon. **Allergen Notice: Contains the smoke from Peanut shells.**

Bushwhacker Cider: Mum’s the Word
Back by popular demand, Mum’s the Word is a dry cider infused with Chrysanthemum. It boasts a floral nose and has a light floral flavor to complement the dryness of the cider. It is a refreshing beverage for a spring or summer day.

Bushwhacker Cider: Mountain Rose 2013
A single varietal of Mountain Rose apples, a red fleshed apple, sourced from Parkdale, OR. No sugar, juice add back, or sulfites were added. The nose is sharp and appley. This cider is dry, with a hint of sweetness in the mid-palette, a pleasantly complex mouth-feel, and clean finish. It is unfiltered with a clear golden color with a hint of pink, and is lightly carbonated.

Bushwhacker Cider: Smoked 2013
First made in 2011, this is our annual fall/winter seasonal produced for draft only. This year, we hand smoked all of the apples in small batches over apple wood, then pressed and fermented. We did not add any sugar, juice, or sulfites. The nose is woodsmoke and apple blossom. The taste is smoky & tart, with a hint of natural apple sweetness. It is reminiscent of a peaty scotch. Unfiltered, the appearance is slightly hazy and light straw in color.

Bushwhacker Cider: Sequoia
Sequoia was a semi dry cider that was aged 5 months in Big Bottom Whiskey barrels. These barrels held white port for over a year before being filled with Big Bottom Whiskey, and then were filled with our cider. This was a limited release in 2012 with proceeds going to the Oregon Humane Society.