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The Future of Cider

March 20, 2014
by Jeff

March 31st

We will be closed on March 31st all day to instal a brand new POS system!

March 19, 2014
by Jeff

The new “brewery boys” ciders.

We just got a case of Johnny Appleseed today, the new release from AB, which followed the release of Miller’s Smith & Forge. We also have carried Stella Artois Cidre, and Angry Orchards (Boston Beer Company) for awhile now.

The other day on Facebook, I had someone post that they were “disappointed” that we “promote” or carry these ciders. It made me think of conversations I have had with peers and customers regarding these newer entries to the category. The debate is always are they good for the category, and I get asked my opinion.

I try to always equate it to the beer industry. Is Busch bad for Upright? No, I don’t think so. Does Johnny Appleseed take anything away from EZ Orchards? No, not really. Do these new brewery made ciders hurt the category, and confuse the customer? No, not in my opinion. That comment insults all customers.

Survival of the best will partly determine what stays around, and what doesn’t. Yes, there is always more money for promotion behind these new ciders, but ultimately, the customer decides. The truth is,  most customers  buy a “lower end” cider as well as a “higher end” cider within the same purchase. I use quotes, because I think the terms are subjective, and arguing about what is a valid cider or not is a waste of time. I have always advocated that a cider purchase, of any kind, is good for the category, this being an opinion that I have received much disagreement with over the years.

Now, do I like some of these new ciders? No, not really. Not because I look down on them, but because their flavor profile is not for my palette. I’m a bone dry, funky kind of guy. Really, though, it doesn’t matter if I, or the rest of the staff, like them. It matters if you do, and if you buy them. I can easily have , on a day off, a bottle of Snowdrift, and a 4 pack of Crispin Browns Lane. I enjoy them both differently. Much like I can have a bottle of my beloved Upright, and a few Rainier’s as I am mowing the yard.

Long point short, they are here, they are not going away, and it makes more sense to learn how they fit into the market. Small producers, such as our self, and small associations should learn how to use these companies to our advantage, work with them, and build the category, which CAN have many different sectors. All I have met want to be a part of what is going on, and seem genuinely interested in becoming active in the community, and learning about what more “artisinal” (I hate that term) producers are working on.

Will you find me at Bushwhacker drinking a Johnny Appleseed? No, I doubt it. But I’ll be damned if I, or any staff member,  am going to stand here and tell you that you shouldn’t be. That’s not what I started Bushwhacker for. I wanted to see you enjoy whatever you chose from our cases, come back, spread the word, and enjoy cider in it’s many forms.

Cheers, Sláinte, Skol, thank you,


February 7, 2014
by Jeff

Snowpocalipse 2014!!

We are open during Snowpocalipse PDX. Stop in for a Hot Chocolate Cider. Yep, I said chocolate cider!

February 5, 2014
by Jeff

Glass Pours

Did you know that besides the constantly rotating taplist at Bushwhacker, we also offer several rotating glass pours that are not available on draft? Here is our current selection:

Finnriver Pear Wine – Washington

Uncle John’s Russet – Michigan

Lake Chelan Gold – Washington

Espanar – Asturias

Sarasola – Basque

Viking Blod Mead – Denmark

Eaglemount Mead – Washington



January 20, 2014
by Jeff

New Menu

We’ve expanded our food menu to include a new Steve’s Cheese Plate and an Olympic Provisions Charcuterie Plate. The Cheese and Charcuterie selections will rotate monthly.

January 6, 2014
by Jeff


Check out our new buttons fresh in from Pin Me Down. We’ve added a new “Cider Geek” button. All only 50 cents.

BW buttons

December 30, 2013
by Jeff

Holiday Hours

New Year’s Eve – 11am to 7pm

New Year’s Day – Closed


December 30, 2013
by Jeff

Sparkling Cider for New Years

Come check out the Bushwhacker selection of sparkling ciders for your New Year’s drinking pleasure! We’ve chosen some of our top picks for the holidays along with descriptions of each.

November 13, 2013
by Jeff

Bushwhacker Batches

We have been working hard to have some great draft on these days. We currently have the Alice, our single varietal Granny Smith cider, and our Le Grande Pomme, Manchurian Crab blend with Quince, on tap. We release our famous Smoked Cider today, November 13th. This year’s smoked is a blend of Oregon grown Golden Supreme & Pink Lady apples, from the great folks at Portland Fruit Company. The apples are then smoked in house over apple wood to create a one of a kind cider. None of these are being bottled, so come in and fill a growlette (32oz jug) of them before they run out!



November 13, 2013
by Jeff

Finnriver Event

November 21st – Bushwhacker Cidery is pleased to host  Finnriver Farm & Cidery for a winter showcase of their fantastic lineup of ciders and apple brandy fruit wines on Thursday, November 21st. Located on the wild and rural Olympic Peninsula in Washington, Finnriver has a more diverse lineup than just about any other cidery and for one night you can indulge in a glorious assortment of beverages for cider and fruit lovers as well as take bottles and chocolates home for yourself or as gifts.

Finnriver’s lovely Jana Daisy-Ensign will be at Bushwhacker and able to answer any question about Finnriver’s extroardinary lineup while offering free samples from the bottles of their rare Artisan champagne style cider, port-style apple wine and apple brandy fruit wines. Meanwhile at the bar, Bushwhacker will have all 8 taps taken over by their ciders. These include the popular sparkling ciders from their regular lineup, limited releases and seasonal releases from their botanically infused line.

Vanessa of Smitten: Artisan Truffles is handcrafting custom chocolate “cordial cups” as an optional serving vessel for the Finnriver port-style and apple brandy fruit wines. She is also experimenting using Finnriver’s apple brandy fruit wines in chocolate truffles that will be for sale at the event.

There is no cost for this event and sampling is free. We encourage everyone to consider purchasing bottles or chocolates for home or as gifts for the holidays!